Green Building

Stephen L. Mabe Builders, Inc. is abreast of all State and Federal regulations that protect our environment for future generations. We want to build something of lasting value for you, and for those who come after you.

A Green Home is more than a matter of meeting regulations. Green homes incorporate environmental considerations and resource efficiency into every step of the building and development process to minimize environmental impact. The design and operation of a Green home will accent the following:

  • Energy-Efficient Features such as advanced heating and cooling methods.
  • Water-Efficient Features including low-flow shower-heads, faucets and toilets.
  • Resource-Efficient Features such as maximizing lot-plan and floor- plan layouts to take advantage of natural sunlight to reduce heating and cooling costs, etc. The home should also contain renewable materials, including rapid growing woods, and easily recyclable plastics and metals.
  • Indoor Air Quality Features for efficient and properly ventilated homes. The right paints and finishes can also make a difference to air quality.
  • Outside the Home care should be taken to preserve trees and other vegetation native to the area. Landscaping should include plants that thrive in your area. The impact of driveways and other paved areas should be minimized through the use of proper materials and building techniques.

We are constantly aware of the choices you must make that will improve your lifestyle. We will be happy to work closely with you to improve the efficiency and lower the monetary cost and environmental impact of operating your home.

Stephen L. Mabe