EPA Certified Renovator

Stephen L. Mabe is one of the first EPA Certified Renovators in North Carolina. So what does this certification mean? Beginning in Spring 2010, any contractor working on or in homes built before 1978 where the requested renovations disturbs more than 6 square feet of interior painted surface or 20 square feet of exterior surface must comply with the new Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s lead paint rules.

As of April 22, 2010 remodelers working on homes, home daycare centers or any other “child-occupied facility” built before 1978 must be registered with the EPA, certified, follow specific work practices to prevent lead contamination and keep detailed records. The EPA registered firm must have a certified renovator and have people on staff who are trained in lead-safe work practices.

Our company has undergone the necessary training to be EPA certified, which simply means we are responsible for ensuring overall compliance with Renovation, Repair and Painting Program (RRP Rule) requirements for lead-safe work practices. For more information see: This Link

Before we can possibly begin the bid process, we must test surfaces in the areas of potential work for lead paint. Upon verification of the existence or non-existence of lead paint, we will provide you, the consumer, with a report of these findings. If you then choose to move forward with the work, you will be provided with the Renovate Right pamphlet. This booklet gives you important information about lead hazard. You must acknowledge in writing that you have read over the materials. While working in your home, an EPA-recognized test kit will be used to identify if there is any lead-based paint. If lead paint is found in or near the area of renovation or addition, proper steps will be taken to guarantee that the work area is contained, minimal dust or debris leaves the work area while the repairs or renovation work is being performed and clean up is thorough. Cost for these additional work-safe practices to comply with the EPA RRP rule will be included in your bid.

Not only has Stephen L. Mabe been EPA certified, but all of our craftsmen are trained to perform assigned tasks safely. We pledge to be present while lead testing is completed, job site containment is being established and the work area cleaning is performed. Full documentation will be prepared and maintained to confirm our compliance with all RRP requirements.