When you choose Stephen L. Mabe Building, Inc., you are selecting a team who will combine the architectural/CADD design and remodeling under one roof. The single power source delivery system enables us to fulfill our clients’ vision, budget and schedule. The partnership between the client and company, from design through production, ensures good communication and minimizes unforeseen problems.

A call to Stephen L. Mabe Building, Inc. initiates this Design/Build process by gaining valuable information at the first telephone call. Next is scheduling an initial meeting so that both parties can meet, discuss the project and evaluate the possibilities of working together. At the initial meeting, a discussion will cover the Design/Build process, scope, timing and budget. When at the end of the initial meeting all parties agree or feel the relationship is a good match, a design agreement will be drafted.

The design agreement is a contract of the design services. Upon acceptance and payment made, Stephen L. Mabe Building, Inc. will begin the design process. This will involve meetings with the owners and our architectural or CADD designer. The first set of drawings is our preliminary design and is where the owners’ wishes and dreams start taking shape. During this time the owners are actively involved with the design team and may be involved in starting the selections process.

Once the basic design is agreed upon, this preliminary drawing is developed into working construction drawings. At this point is where a site visit with the trades and other vendors, as well as the owners’ selection process begins. The owners’ selection process on the specifications is critical at this point as specifications are the tool by which most of the mechanical trades arrive at their pricing for us. With the design, most of the specifications and our pricing become the construction agreement.

This construction agreement is a contract for our construction service that includes a total price for the project with budgets. Once the construction agreement is finalized, permits are procured and sub-contact agreements are signed and the construction schedule begins to take shape.

Throughout your project, you have three levels of supervision. First your Lead Carpenter, who is assigned by the Project Manager, who you will be communicating with on a daily basis. Second is the Production Manager who is responsible for overall production and scheduling of your project. Third, is Stephen L. Mabe who personally oversees all projects to ensure your complete satisfaction.