The Collaborative Process

We believe in a team approach, one that includes you, your visions, your dreams, and our skilled professionals. Misunderstandings can often lead to unfulfilled expectations and disappointments. That is why at Stephen L. Mabe Building, Inc. we begin with thoroughly understanding what you would like to accomplish, outlining the scope of the work, and determining your budget. This allows us to turn your dreams and goals into reality instead of nightmares. There are seven components to The Collaborative Process that has made our reputation.

1. Beginning the Relationship
When you first call us, a member of our team will talk with you and gather basic information. We will also set an appointment to discuss your ideas and plans in person. We’ll ask if you have a time schedule in mind, or a starting date for your project. Then we will determine if our schedule and skills can accomplish your goals and fulfill your visions.

2. We Help You Determine What You Need & What You Don’t
We provide you with a team of skilled professionals to help you design, engineer, and work in collaborative effort with you to start translating your dreams into reality. The majority of the time we are involved in handling the entire design process. However, you may already have the design completed. If so, we will gladly work with your design information. We believe in customizing our services to fit your building needs.

3. Setting Up a Home Consultation
We will set up a convenient time in the day to visit your home and get more details about your project. This is a good time for you to have a “priority list” of the work you would like done. This will allow for an open dialog about your budget and costs, making sure your “dream list” and budget are in line. This dialog of construction costs is an excellent tool to set a level of expectation as to what a be done within your budget and what may have to be changed or revised.

4. Designing Your Dreams
Our next step is to proceed with the design process if warranted. During the design process and preparing an accurate proposal, we may visit your home with our craftsmen, suppliers, or other consultants to take specific measurements and photos of what you have now. This allows us to set true budgets and cost per your specifications and helps you avoid costly surprises.

5. Setting a Price on Your Dreams

We will set up a mutually agreed upon time to meet and discuss our proposal with you. At that meeting, we will review cost and details of your project making sure we have covered all of the items we’ve discussed. If there are any changes in the scope of the work that need to be made, we will revise our proposal accordingly.

6. The Relationship Contract
You will then be given a written contract describing in detail the scope of the work and specifications as you requested. Upon return of your signed contract, we then immediately order materials for your project and schedule our craftsmen to do your work. At this point, once the scheduling process is started we can better determine the actual start date and anticipated completion date of your work.

7. We Do the Work to Your Total Satisfaction

We know that when we do our part, you will enjoy the reality of your dreams for years to come.